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The Interwave Story

Interwave Travel Concepts was founded in 1994, by a group of South Bay Area (San Jose, CA) travel agents that had backgrounds in marketing and technology. This group was marketing travel services on closed Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and with the advent of Mosaic (the first web browser) saw the opportunity the Internet provided to extend their marketing capabilities globally.

Interwave Travel Concepts was established on and is committed to providing the Travel and Tourism industry with high quality and cutting edge Internet technology, marketing, and design solutions, developing strategies with and educating our clients throughout their business initiative development cycle.


One of Interwave's first clients was ARTA (the Association of Retail Travel Agents). Scott spent a year traveling around the country visiting all of ARTA's different chapters to train their members on how to implement this new technology.

Through these seminars many business relationships were established, these relationships lead to a joint venture with TRAMS Inc. called TEAMTRAMS a turn-key website solution that integrated an agency's website with their TRAMS (and then ClientBase) database allowing for the capture and sharing of customer profile and interest data between the website and back office. TEAMTRAMS continued to provide website services to travel agencies for almost 15 years.

The ARTA seminars also produces numerous relationships with industry consortia. Interwave consulted with and built sites for many industry consortia, a few of which were: Time, Space, Action6, and Crown.  When the industry went through a consolidation period in the early 2000's these consortia were acquired by and Interwave was there to provide website development services (,, AAC Training site,, email development and marketing services, and conducted numerous seminars and presentations at many conferences.

Interwave also began working with Travel Industry publishers providing Internet services to Travel Trade and Jax Fax magazines. Interwave established a strategic relationship with Dr. Robert Joselyn of Joselyn, Tepper and Associates, one of our first and best strategic relationships. Currently Scott Staffiery also serves as part of the Joselyn Consulting Group and has presented several seminars for TAMS members.  Interwave has also developed additional  key strategic relationships that extend the scope and levels of services available to our customers. These include: Studio Six Productions, and Nonnu LLC.

One of our latest initiatives has been to develop a custom component to integrate the Signature Travel Network data feed directly into those clients belonging to that consortia websites. This component was developed with the intention of optimizing the SEO of our clients websites.

Interwave has assisted over 500 travel agencies with their online development and marketing needs.

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Strategic Partners

Joselyn Consulting Group
Legendary World Consulting
Studio Six Productions
Nonnu LLC