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Internet Marketing  

Establishing brand recognition, optimizing content, and implementing technology to tailor the delivery channels to effectively reach your customers.


Internet Marketing provides many low cost opportunities that are ever growing and expanding with technology enhancements. With these opportunities comes a number of challenges and pitfalls and more often than not you run across a modern day snake oil salesman who pitches an opportunity the drains your marketing budget without producing the desired results.  Fortunatly, Interwave Travel Concepts, is here to help.

Our Philosophy

Success depends on a solid foundation, and that foundation is your web site. You web site is your platform to present your expertise, products, services and uniqueness in a mannor that connects with your target customer. Your web site must be branded exclusively for your business using your own domain name for all pages. Your web site must deliver content that is relevant to your expertise, products, services and uniqueness, relevance is extremely important.  Once a solid foundation is established, Interwave works with you to examine your target customer; how do they browse, when are they online, what devises do they use, what sites or services do they use.  Based on this information we will implement the proper technology tools to maximize your efforts. For example, our websites come equipted with a Social Media cross posting extension. This allows updates to specific areas of your website to be automatically tweeted and posted to your facebook page, reducing the amount of time you spend updating these channels. We will look at all opportunities for your business: social media channels, vendor and industry channels, email marketing, SMS/Text marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Affiliate marketing, and cross linking strategies.

Our strength is in the retail travel and tourism industry, its where our roots are. We therefore understand the dynamics between the Associations, Consortia, Travel Suppliers, and Retail Agency distribution system and have the experience in leveraging these relationships to increase the visibility of your web site.  

To be successful we need to work with you to establish that solid foundation and help you cultivate the relevant content that will engage and encourage your site visitors to convert into customers. 

Learn how Interwave can assit you in internet market initiatives for your business.



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