Salient is an excellent design with a fresh approach for the ever-changing Web. Integrated with Gantry 5, it is infinitely customizable, incredibly powerful, and remarkably simple.

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The marriage of talent, technology and content creating a consistent experience for your customers, whether through your web site, email marketing campaigns, digital publications, mobile applications or text messaging.


Interwave Concepts, has partnered with industry leaders to provide our clients with cutting edge technology solutions for all their Internet Marketing initiatives. In addition, we have developed strategic partnerships with Joselyn Tepper & Associates, Legendary World Consulting, Nonnu llc, and Studio Six Productions. These strategic partnerships allow Interwave to extend valuable services to our clients, from logo and graphic design, to custom programming solutions to phone systems and ClientBase training, to business evaluation and strategic planning, business plan development , employee compensation programs, and so much more. This talent pool is deap and wide and full of experts in their fields that we have worked with on numerous projects for almost twenty years now. 

Interwave Concepts, has focused our website development around the Joomla CMS (Content Management System), as we have found it to be the perfect middle ground, combining incredible functionality with ease of use to quickly develop and publish robust websites that can compete with the most popular online retailers. Interwave Concepts has entered into developer agreements with several of the top extension producers for the Joomla CMS. This allows us to provide and maintain the latest and most secure software for our hosted customers websites. With more than 200,000 developers world wide supporting Joomla, and with almost 10,000 extensions available to extend its functionality, Joomla has become platform for almost 1/3 of all commercial websites online. And once Interwave Concepts builds your site on the Joomla platform you will never have to start over from scratch again. Our websites are fully portable, unlike many of our competitors that work from a propertiary platform that locks you into useing their service or having to start over.

Interwave Concepts, has partnered with several industry Consortia and travel providers to be able to integrate preferred vendor content directly into your website. Our Signature Advanced Websites incorporate a propertary Joomla extension developed by Interwave Concepts, that directly integrated the Signature Data Feed into your site, so that all offers displayed on your website are displayed under your domain name (with no references to Signature or Interwave in the page URLs). Some of our competitors provide data integration solutions but those offers are then displayed under their domain. The search engines view this as all the content coming from the developer and not your site, thus they get better ranking and you are pushed several pages down, insuring that potential new customers are virtually not going to be able to find your website.

In addition to website development and design, Interwave Concepts, provides social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) page/account management, Youtube channel development, email marketing and campaign management, mobile marketing and SMS messaging services, digital brochure development and online training initiative services.

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Strategic Partners

Joselyn Consulting Group
Legendary World Consulting
Studio Six Productions
Nonnu LLC