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Our foundation is in the Retail Travel Industry, so unlike other "web" developers, Interwave Concepts has unique and valuable insight into how best to apply the latest online technology solutions to your business initiatives.


There are web developers, SEO specalists, email marketers, and scores of other "experts" ready and willing to drive customers to your business.  However there are very few that understand the the dynamics of relationships between traveler, agency, supplier, consortia, tourism board, and industry association. Without understanding the dynamics of these relationships they are unable to assure you of reaching the right shopper and directing them properly so that they become your customer and you receive payment for any bookings they make.

There are many marketing stratigies available to the Retail Travel Industry, most of them count on you being overwhelmed with working in your business to fully understand the ramifications of what they are proposing. For example, solutions that provide pre-written content that is published across all of their customers' websites, dilute the value of that content and actually make it much harder for your site to be found through search engines. Other providers will provide content under their domain while visually maintaining your brand, the search engines index the content under the providers domain and again it is much harder for your site to be found. Our speciality is developing websites where you are able to add exclusive content and integrate third-party content as optimally as the third-party allows. Our goal is to work with you to develop an anchor point on the internet - your website - and then use all available channels: Search Engines, Email Marketing, SMS and Mobile Marketing, and Social Media Marketing; to drive targeted traffic to that anchor point and then funnel them through pre-defined sales paths to convert shoppers into customers.

Technology & Marketing

Web development, email marketing, search optimization, pay-per-click and affiliate advertising, social network marketing, e-commerce solutions, content management systems, shared content distribution, digital publishing, video marketing,  mobile marketing and messaging, systems integration, and custom programming solutions - depending on your business metrics all are cost effective options to reach both existing and new customers though the internet.  Interwave Concepts has a Wealth of Knowledge and Experience to work with you to develop a plan that takes advantage of those channels that will deliver the greatest return on your marketing investment.

Indusrty Background

For almost 20 years Interwave concepts has worked with Industry Associations, Publications, Consortia, Technology and Travel Suppliers and Retail Travel Agencies. With each initiative, Interwave Concepts was able to provide a solution that enhanced the Retail Travel Agency distribution system to increase communications and sales for our clients and their industry partners.

Learn how Interwave can assist you with your Internet related business initiatives.

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